Septua is the only entity actively opposing efforts to protect the failed IPTS in NMB, while Planners continue to throw more money at it

Any donation to Septua is welcome, to cover the cost of maintaining this website and producing the evidence related to the subject. There is no other funding for this effort

The IPTS was forced onto NMB and cited as a FIFA requirement for NMB to qualify as a 2010 Soccer World Cup host city. Ever since it has been a cash cow for hungry administrators who are protecting and holding out the city needs it

Meanwhile one billion Rand has not been accounted for and forensic reports are kept under cover

It should be recognized that NMB is small in relation to parent cities from which the BRT concept has been copied and requires its own unique solutions. The plan they are trying to implement is not suitable

We believe public and general transport cannot be separated, specially when roads are narrow, unnecessarily congested and when even IPTS busses will not get there faster. The Metro needs to free up congestion before any sophisticated Public Transport scheme can be put in place

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It's cheaper to change things on paper than in the hard, said my old boss

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